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The Maritime State

by Renny Masmada


Majapahit in the 13-15 century proved (in its day), capable of responding to the needs of the wider community to the country.

It is interesting to study, is that the success of it, one of which, by applying a very valuable ideology, is the nation’s unity taken from the root Bhinneka Tunggal Ika tan hana dharma mangrwa (different but one, there is no ambiguity of truth) philosophy, as stated in the book Sutasoma by Rakawi Tantular.

With a very intelligent, Gajah Mada as Mahapatih Amangkubumi able to appreciate the mandate of diversity, by establishing the State at that time as the Maritime State, as a strategic concept of the nation.

Gajah Mada ability to capture the wealth of the nation as a nation  ‘rantai mutu manikam’  (diamond chain), which is surrounded by waters, provide brilliant inspiration for Gajah Mada to establish at least three things when he served Mahapatih Amangkubumi, are:

1. Making Sumpah Amukti Palapa (Oath Amukti Palapa) as the foundation of Strategic Planning Outline of the State in pursuing a policy of  the United Nations, one of which set the demarcation line, heterogenization demographics, geography and geology maps Nusantara Raya (Great Nusantara)  as contained in the Sumpah Amukti Palapa (Oath Amukti Palapa), who said in the paseban agung (great auditorium) Majapahit, based on the basic concept proposed by Sri Kertanagara, the last king Singasari. In this case, Gajah Mada cleverly able to capitalize on China’s domestic turmoil at that time to ask for full support of the Emperor (Yuan dynasty), who was feuding with Hung Wu (which later replaced the Yuan to the Ming dynastic was very popular) in China for successful Nusantara unity program. And China at the time, given its  blessing through Adityawarman, in its two political visit to China in 1325 and 1332 AD.

2. Form the Navy, which has never owned a well-organized Majapahit, is Jaladi Bala (Maritime Forces) as an elite military units are prepared to keep the waters Nusantara, by:

  • recruiting soldiers/troops on a large scale as well as providing education and training, according to sources adapted from Srivijaya, which proved to be a great empire in the oceans of the day
  • establish and build all the necessary facilities such as the completeness of weaponryand military vessels
  • develop the policies, regulations and job-description is very clear to all military units at the time, together with Bhayangkara (Police Department) and other legal products

3. Establish Selat Malaka (Malacca Strait) and other major ports such as Tuban, Gresik and others, became an international port for foreign trade doors. This proved to be very powerful, Majapahit is growing very rapidly. Selat Malaka (Malacca Strait) became the world’s major ports.  As the nation’s heritage, till now Selat Malaka listed as the world’s busiest ports.

At that time all people equally affluent, prosperous, gemah ripah loh jinawi.  Wealth of natural, cultural and religious patterns become very great jewel, penetrated into every soul Great Nusantara society. Fishermen and Farmers became affluent and able to sell their products to foreign countries. The economy grew very fast. The development of civilization is able to make this nation, from the common people to noble significantly.

But now, more than six hundred years later, our nation as a new nation was born, unable to understand the wealth of resources, thus becoming the nation’s  lagging behind. Poor nations filled with distrust of ourselves for the future.

Most of the people living in the economic downturn and utterly unable to appreciate the culture and civilization that ever had, far several hundred years ago. Meanwhile, the culture of corruption as an integral part of every inch the pulse of the nation.

State officials are busy thinking about themselves and the group/political party. To that end, do not hesitate to serve the people as a commodity, which is sold cheaply, and even forced to remain dumb, robots, smart machines are actually stupid because it was unable to create intelligence for itself.

As an indication, 22% of Indonesia’s population living in coastal areas is still very conservative.  And  characterize  traditional  societies  with  socio-economic strata conditions are very low.

1990 census shows a very concerned rate, that 79.05% of  fishery workers and fisherfolk do not complete primary school.

The above clearly provide a real image how our nation was almost lost identity as a great nation that actually has the potential of unlimited marine. However, the inability of government to facilitate, and provide the potential to live for more than 230 million people to live well, have destroyed all life in every sector.

The people are no longer able to capture the essential values of humanity.

Salam Nusantara ..!

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